While patients are very happy about their results, we often hear the frustration about the lack of public and professional awareness.  Our patients and their families are keen to raise awareness and help others get the help they need.


From IEP to Honor Roll!

The year after Dr. McCrodan found the tracking issues Matthew came out of the 'special programs' in school. By Grade 9 he was on the Honor roll and continues to take normal classes and achieve great academic success

The improvements to my vision, headaches, quality of life and professional performance achieved through the diagnosis and treatment provided by your team and you at McCrodan Vision has been life changing.

Dizziness, Vertigo and Chronic Migraines

Not only can I work full-time again, and care for my children with energy and enthusiasm, but I have reclaimed my life. I can go out whenever I want to, I can sit in a restaurant, I can do a grocery shop, I can live a life! I wasn’t sure if that was ever going to be the case again. I still get migraines, but only a couple a month rather than every day. And the migraine symptoms are much more manageable now and last a much shorter length of time.

Grade 6 with a Concussion

My son (grade 6 student)  commenced treatment with Dr McCrodan after suffering a serious concussion accident.  He also had been diagnosed with dyslexia and the combination of the concussion accident had left him with no balance, memory loss and a grade 3 reading level speed.  He also found reading music difficult.  He had low self-esteem, […]

Caralee’s concussion recovery

I had never had a concussion before ­ I felt confused, foggy headed, forgetful, incredibly tired, couldn’t concentrate on the simplest tasks, had headaches every day, and basically stayed in bed most of the time. I lived in ‘sick mode’ and couldn’t see my way out. When I tried to go out and be social like a normal person, I got anxious and overwhelmed, and wore myself out so fast. It was scary, frustrating, and depressing.

Post Concussion Balance Changes

This brave young lady has had issues with balance, light sensitivity, headaches and reading issues since several concussions as a child. Watch as within minutes her balance has already changed dramatically. The sad part is that she has spent most of her life dealing with these challenges because of the lack of public and professional […]


Since a very young age Jared has struggled with anxiety, behavioural issues and a lack of physical coordination. He comes across to others as very shy or rude as he would not speak to adults or other classmates and avoids eye contact. He hardly engaged with other kids and would only play with a select […]

Crispin (13) and Fiona (6)

Dear Dr. McCrodan,   We have come to the end of our second child working with you and your team for vision therapy. We wanted to highlight some of the benefits both our children have experienced as a result.   Crispin started vision therapy as a thirteen year old. Until that time, he struggled in […]

Chelsea Update

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to compose this email.  I realize that the longer I take to express myself, the more children get left behind.  I just need to get it down on “paper”. As background, my daughter, Chelsea, struggled in school. Even in Grade 5, teachers said that […]


Susan Auld Testimonial May 18, 2015 I was diagnosed with disequilibrium and vestibular/ vision mismatch last fall. This is a type of vertigo. It was so debilitating that I was unable to work. I was almost constantly dizzy, nauseated, and anxious. I was unable to concentrate and had frequent headaches whenever I tried to read […]

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