What is Neuro-Visual Rehab or Vision Therapy?

What is Neuro-Visual Rehab or Vision Therapy?

Neuro-visual rehabilitation (NVR) or Vision therapy can help with reading speed, reading comprehension, attention deficit disorders, hand eye coordination, balance, brain injury, strabismus (eye turns), and amblyopia (lazy eye).  NVR/Vision therapy is a clinically proven, safe, non-invasive treatment.   Vision therapy provides the patient with the right opportunity to develop new neurological pathways relating to the control of the eyes, and the perception and processing of the incoming information.

NVR or Vision Therapy is only successful when used to develop the appropriate visual skills on someone who is lacking those abilities, and when it is done in the proper way.  Similar to other areas of health care, the approaches of different practitioners can be variable leading to variability in results.

At McCrodan Vision Development, all of our vision therapy appointments are one on one, accompanied by home training that is an extension of the in-office therapy.  We understand that people lead busier and busier lives, so we provide all of the equipment and support to ensure that the program is as seamless as possible.

Vision therapy is used to develop the visual skills that are deficient in many cases of:

The College of Optometrists in Vision Development has compiled a great list of white papers and clinical research on vision therapy here.

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Vision and Reading/Attention

Vision and Reading/Attention

Did you know that 80% of problem readers are deficient in 1 or more visual skills?  Seeing clearly is only one of 17 visual skills needed for reading and learning. ...

Refractive Error

Refractive Error

Hyperopia (farsighted) As a general rule this means that these individuals use some focus power to see in the distance, and even more for up close. Myopia (nearsighted) ...



Amblyopia Commonly referred to as a ‘lazy eye’, amblyopia can come in different forms, but is a problem with a lack of development of communication between the eye and ...

What is Vision?

What is Vision?

Is seeing clearly (20/20) really enough? Did you know that being able to see clearly is only a small part of what makes up your vision? In fact, there are closer to 17 ...

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