Ocular Motor Dysfunction

Ocular Motor Dysfunction (oculomotor dysfunction) can wreak havoc on reading and other activities

Imagine for a moment that you had to listen to an audiobook, but it had been chopped up into 1 second segments and had the order jumbled.  Ocular motor dysfunction (oculomotor dysfunction) means that the eyes do not accurately track or move where they are intended to.  In cases where the ocular motor dysfunction is more gross, it can impact hand-eye coordination and sports abilities.  In other cases, when fine ocular motor dysfunction is the problem, a person’s eyes may not be able to accurately move through text.

While it is a major barrier to performance either academically, or in sports, ocular motor dysfunction responds very well to treatment with neuro-visual rehabilitation.

Below is an example of a normal reader, side by side with a reader who has ocular motor dysfunction (as well as other visual processing deficits).

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