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Post Concussion Syndrome Vision Problems

As you are reading this text, your brain is controlling how the incoming information is processed, and how your eyes track, coordinate, and focus.  Post Trauma Vision Syndrome refers to deficits in these areas after a concussion, head-injury, whiplash, or mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI).  If you have PTVS and your eyes do not workContinue Reading

Hidden vision problems may be affecting your child’s learning

Have you ever wondered about a young learner who continuously struggles with reading or other academic aspects?  They perform well verbally, but somewhere along the path to and from the pages it all seems to get lost.  Endless hours of tutoring and helping with homework don’t seem to provide the improvements that everyone is hopingContinue Reading

The Cost of Ignoring Vision in Learning.

Dear Educators, Policy Makers, Parents and Taxpayers,   I grew up with a younger sibling who struggled with reading/learning.  Even though she was smart, I watched her struggle in school and with her self-esteem, and everyone wondered why tutoring never really seemed to help.  She passed every eye exam and test, because nobody knew to lookContinue Reading

Concussion treatment and back to work

After a concussion or a head injury many people present with vision conditions related to changes in the function of their visual system.  These problems can cause an entire array of symptoms such as headaches, migraines, fatigue, light sensitivity, and balance problems.  See the checklist here for more details. The nice part about checking forContinue Reading

Our newest letter from a patient’s mother

Our newest letter from a patient’s mother

Dear Dr. Cameron McCrodan (and Sue)   I am writing to describe the changes that I see in Charlotte that have occurred since this time last year. Charlotte and I committed to therapy sessions and vision therapy homework and did not focus on school work since no amount of practice with school work or readingContinue Reading

Doctor McCrodan Receives Donation from Rotary on behalf of not-for-profit The Visual Process

Dr. McCrodan is the clinical director for The Visual Process, and is pictured above receiving a $5000.00 donation from the Centennial Rotary Club.  The Visual Process is a not-for-profit foundation run by the mother of a young vision therapy patient (recently featured in both the Times Colonist and Saanich News). The money is being usedContinue Reading

Victoria Vision Therapy Patient in the News!

It takes a lot of bravery to share a story of difficulties with reading, writing and academics.  It takes even more bravery to make this story public, but Helena told me that it’s all worth it if she can prevent even one other child from struggling the way that she did.  Another piece that is veryContinue Reading

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