Changing Eyes and Lives Every Day

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Changing Eyes and Lives Every Day

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Cameron McCrodan TEDxVictoria

Cameron McCrodan TEDxVictoria

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Sight is something many of us take for granted, but as Cameron McCrodan shows, there are many aspects of sight that are simply overlooked – and they can have a massive ...

What is Neuro-Visual Rehab or Vision Therapy?

What is Neuro-Visual Rehab or Vision Therapy?

Neuro-visual rehabilitation (NVR) or Vision therapy can help with reading speed, reading comprehension, attention deficit disorders, hand eye coordination, balance, brain injury, strabismus (eye turns), and amblyopia (lazy eye).  NVR/Vision therapy is a clinically ...

Vision and Reading/Attention

Vision and Reading/Attention

Did you know that 80% of problem readers are deficient in 1 or more visual skills?  Seeing clearly is only one of 17 visual skills needed for reading and learning. Tracking and other visual problems are often not evaluated during testing for learning disabilities. ...

Case Studies & Testimonials

From batting .200 to .600 in 4 weeks time, to going from requiring learning assistance to an honor roll student, or an accountant learning to control and eliminate his double vision, our clients are proud to share their success stories.

The improvements to my vision, headaches, quality of life and professional performance achieved through ...

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